The SKEMA book " Advancement of European Trade though a World-Class Transportation System"

                                                       Skema Book

The first edition of the SKEMA Book presents an overview of a selection of topics from the extensive information available in the SKEMA Knowledge Platform. The SKEMA Knowledge Platform consists of studies compiled by industry experts addressing key aspects of the European maritime transport and logistics industry. The study reports are constructed to facilitate improved usability and accessibility to results from the SKEMA project as well from other significant projects such as PROPS, e-Freight and SUPPORT. It will continue to be a valuable reference for information on maritime transport and logistics into the future.



Currently there are approximately 90 Studies uploaded to the SKEMA Knowledge Platform in various subject-specific categories. The studies are comprised of reports written in non-technical terminology and provide insights into each topic addressed. The domain headings and principal categories in the Knowledge Platform are shown below.

1. Economics & Regulations:

1.1           The Maritime Transport Market;

1.2           Financing Transport Resources;

1.3           Maritime Governance;

1.4           Regulatory Framework;

1.5           EU Transport Policy analysis;

1.6           Maritime Statistics.


2. Transport & Logistics Developments:

2.1           Dominant trends in logistics;

2.2           Human Resources, education and training;

2.3           Intermodal transport developments;

2.4           Design & Management of D2D networks;

2.5           Key Performance Indicators;

2.6           The EU e-Maritime initiative;

2.7           The EU e-Freight initiative.


3. Safety, Security and Sustainability

3.1           EU capabilities for safety and security;

3.2           Safety and Security Assessment;

3.3           Sustainable Transport;

3.4           Port Security.


4. Technology Assessment

4.1           Ship & Fleet management technologies;

4.2           Port technologies;

4.3           Risk management in supply chains;

4.4           ICT developments for freight transport;

4.5           Co-modal Transport 2030.


5. EU Maritime Transport Policies

5.1           Strategic Goals;

5.2           Action Plans;

5.3           Directives;

5.4           Decisions and Regulations.


This version of the SKEMA book is comprised of studies that look into the development of European policies in the maritime and multimodal transport domain. It includes analyses of major developments in economic and social policies together with technological improvements in the operational efficiency of transport systems. The book aims to illustrate some of the pertinent issues affecting European transport, enabling the reader to benefit from the insights of leading commentators and providing a platform for further research into a wide range of issues. Each chapter clearly states its objectives; a glossary of terms and references are also included.


The chapters investigate interrelated themes of economic policies, sustainability issues, regulatory concerns, policy creation, port improvements and new developments in cooperative unitised services. Each of these chapters builds to form the central theme of the book – The Advancement of European Trade though a World-Class Transportation System.

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