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  e-Maritime Gijon 2010 CP Version 6.pdf
Christos Pipitsoulis
It is important to view the eMaritime initiative as an additional EU instrument for the sustainable development of the European maritime transport. Recognising the critical role of ICT based innovation for productivity, quality and competitive advantage arising from upgraded and interoperable European maritime transport information systems, “e-Maritime” capabilities should support a more performing waterborne transport system fully integrated in the overall European transport system. The EU e-maritime initiative is aimed at fostering the use of advanced information technologies for working and doing business in the maritime sector. It deals not only with the interoperability of electronic systems but with processes and the human element. It is recognised that the most important challenges relate to organisational aspects and managing the change.
e-navigation, e-maritime Harbour Masters April 2010.pdf
Capt. Andreas Mai Harbour Master Ports of Bremerhaven & Bremen
This paper draws attention to developments and activities to improve safety and security as well as business processes in the shipping and port industry by means of information technology (IT). It examines e-Nanigation from IMO and e-Maritime from the European Comission fostering the implementation of integrated technologies in the shipping and port industry. This new political activity miay have considerable implications to our ndustry as it is not internationally standardized, it is very heterogeneous and shows different levels of applying what partly is described as technological progress.
ESPO e-Maritime workshop 300909 Port of Rotterdam.pdf
Raymond Seignette
Concrete applications of e-maritime Associated regulatory needs at EU level Key success factors of an EU e-maritime initiative
e-Maritime - Ports & national perspective, Finland 30092009 Tarnanen-Sariola.pdf
Sanna Sonninen / Finnish Maritime Administration
PORTNET system National Strategies relating to the e-Maritime initiative
e-Maritime Stakeholder Workshops and Surveys.pdf
As a contribution to the Periodic Study on e-Maritime, a survey was carried out to determine stakeholders’ opinions on how the e-Maritime initiative would have the greatest positive effect on the maritime & logistics industry. The survey document was prepared in consultation with SKEMA participants, following a seminar on e-Maritime in the Global Policy Institute in London on the 18th November ’08. The survey was presented and completed by 23 participants in the SKEMA workshop held in Dublin Port on the 22nd of January ‘09. After reviewing the results from the survey and in collaboration with SKEMA partners & Dublin workshop participants, an additional section was added to the survey. The amended survey was presented and completed by 40 participants in the PROPS workshop held in London on the 24th of February ‘09.
EU e-Maritime Initiative and Maritime ITS CP 22Sep09.pdf
Christos Pipitsoulis, Maritime Transport Policy, DGTREN
Introduction to objectives and scope of e-Maritime
e-Maritime DTh SPCs and MoS 8July09.pdf
Dimitrios Theologitis, HoU - DG TREN
Overview of the EU e-Maritime initiative
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