Related Products for Air Cargo
    Field Forensics - support hundreds of police, military and security organizations in detecting, analyzing and defeating explosive and other threats
CSA - offers pallet security systems that incorporate the Topp Clip banding system to secure the pallet and establish and maintain Chain of Custody. Topp Clip can be used by itself to secure the pallet and its contents, with a Pallet Bag to provide a
OnAsset Intelligence, Inc - The SENTRY FlightSafe is a wireless asset tracking and sensing device that monitors the temperature; pressure; humidity;shock & vibration, light; motion and thelocation of assets transported via air cargo, truck, rail, o
OnAsset’s SENTRY FlightSafe is a wireless
Navtech Radar - has developed the AdvanceGuard wide area surveillance system which combines radar technology, CCTV and integrated intelligent software to provide unrivalled threat detection and situation awareness for wide area and perimeter security
Inscentinel-its mission is to bring the sniffer bees into fighting terrorism. By combining the design of nature and human advances in technology it has created the most unique sensor that provides the sensitivity of an animal with the ease of use of
3DX-RAYLtd is a global market and technology leader in line-scan x-ray imaging systems for the security and industrial inspection markets including airpirts, ports and mail screening -
DualDraw Homeland - specializes in the design and manufacture of specialized downdraft filtration equipment used for mail screening, people screening, and vehicle screening.
American Science and Engineering Inc. (AS&E) - container,cargo and parcel scanning equipment for ports and airports
ZOCA Container Security BV - track and trace equipment and container security systems.
Sealock Security Systems -protects cargo containers from break-ins using security products such as seals, locks and tamper proof labels.
L-3 Security and Detection - Cargo Security Screening systems and equipment
Ge Smart Ship Containers - involved in the development of Tamper Evident Secure Container (TESC) and CommerceGuard container security device
OptaSense - supplies perimeter protection and security products based on distributed fibreoptic technology
Mobile Screening for postal security
FreightWatch- is the world leader in logistics security services, offering the only active monitoring solutions that provide organizations with complete cargo transparency and supply chain integrity from origin to destination. Using our layered solu
Decision Sciences Security Solutions - supplies the Multi-Mode Passive Detection Systems™ for Nuclear and Radiological Threats in Containers
IndigoVision - supplies complete video security systems for port and container terminals
SMARTRAC - is the technology leader inthe global RFID industry supplying RFID transponders, antennas, chips and processors for the security and logistics sectors
TagMaster - supplies RFID tags and ID readers for a variety of applications including container positioning and tracking in ports
Avante - Electronic Cargo Tracking System and Solution, Intermodal Real-time Container Tracking and Rail Car Transport Security Tracking System for End-to-End Supply Chain Security System and Tracking Solution
CommerceGuard -provides tamper proof container security devices (CSDs) and smart economica globall container tracking equipment
AS&E's - Cargo and Vehicle inspection systems are engineered to provide security personnel with an effective means of detection without disrupting the flow of commerce
Thales Communications and Security - provides critical infrastructure security systems, for ports etc., urban security systems, IT security systems, Secure ID systems and NRBC systems
iControl - provides sensors for monitoring container content, tags for tracking container positions, electronic padlocks that add external security to tracking, and communication gateways that transmit data from the container to a user interface enab
Rapiscan - supplies cargo and vehicle inspections systems, baggage and parcel detection systems, including radiation and trace detection equipment
Cotecna - was the first inspection company to invest in high-energy cargo scanning technology to provide services to governments and is by far the most experienced and currently the largest private scanner operator worldwide.
NUCTECH - supply a range of container and freight inspection products including gantry and portal scanners
Baltic Scientific Instruments - supplies Radiation Portal Monitors (RPM) for fix-installed radiation detection systems designed for automated screening of pedestrians, vehicles and trains passing through the detection zone of RPM for presence of gamm
TSA Systems Limited - supplies detection and monitoring devices for Radioactive and Special Nuclear Materials to the transportation industry
ConTraffic - The ConTraffic web site provides containers tracking and risk assessment services to authorized users
IR Telmetrics - supplies container security systems. Using patented microwave data telemetry and a combination of GPS and inertial navigation, the IRT components will track and monitor shipping containers
Savi Technology - provides Tracking System is an integrated platform that includes specialized software and hardwaredevices designed specifically for securing and monitoring a wide range of cargo types – ISO containers on road and rail, closed rail
SAIC- offers products to enhance safety and security in transportation. The VACIS systems scan cargo containers, trucks, cars and other vehicles to help authorities search for weapons, nuclear material, narcotics,etc. at cargo terminals.
Veritainer - designes and delivers crane mounted shipping container radiation scanning technology
Heimann Systems Group - provider of scanning equipment whose product range includes the typical airport hand-luggage scanner, metal detectors and biometrics. It also offers a range of X-Ray scanning equipment for the inspection of vehicles and co
IPSOTEK - is a video analytics company providing perimeter protection, intrusion and surveillance equipment
Smiths Detection - develops government regulated advanced technologies used in threat detection equipment to detect and identify constantly evolving chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) materials, contraband and dangerous
CNPP - develops, distributes and assess safety and security knowledge and know-how, regarding people, property, intangible assets and the environment,
ICTS- has developed and integrated a wide array of technological solutions designed for the security market.
VSG - is a leading suppliers of security services, total solutions that encompass guarding, systems, remote monitoring, training, staff vetting and pre-employment screening.
Global Security Solutions - suppliers of access controls, perimeter security, surveillance equipment, biometrics, risk assessments to governments and industry
Bluecard software Technology Co., Ltd is a specialized security & automation provider based on state-of-art RFID technologies.
TrakLok Corporation - has combined the physical security of a lock with a sophisticated system that monitors cargo security, a GPS system that tracks the load and a global communication technology advising owners of security breeches.
Siemens - provides complete security solution including command centres, surveillance systems, perimter protection, intrusion detection, access control, terminal gate and container security solutions
Duos Technologies, Inc. provides a broad range of security solutions with an emphasis on the Homeland Security, Transportation, and Critical Infrastructure markets. A privately owned corporation headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, the company has been
Panasonic offers a broad range of cameras and security surveillance solutions that benefit from high megapixel sensors, optical and digital zooms, wide dynamic ranges and auto tracking - making Panasonic products a good port of call
Varian SIP - is the market leader in security and inspection products such as high-energy X-ray devices for cargo security and non-destructive testing applications
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